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What is e-Waste Recycling

Electronic waste, or e-waste recycling, is the term for electronic products that have become obsolete, non-working or no longer required, and have essentially reached the end of their useful life.


Solve e Waste Recycling Problems

It is important that any e-waste recycling processor is fully certified in safe destruction and follow certified documented procedures to safely dispose of electronic waste.


Data Destruction

Our e-waste recycling solution ensures protection from identity theft, data theft, and most importantly will give you peace of mind that your data is safely destroyed!

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Fibre Recycling Solutions

 Fibre Recycling Solutions is the process of converting waste materials (from various cables) into reusable objects/products.

Through Fibre recycling these reusable products prevent waste of potentially useful materials, reduce the consumption of fresh raw materials, energy usage, air pollution (from incineration) and water pollution (from landfilling) by decreasing the need for “conventional” waste disposal.

Fibre Recycling